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We have the right fit for you!

Over 100 alternatives

Riders are different, and we recognize their need for a perfect fit in Breeches. That's why we have a broad range of sizes for all our models.
When viewing a product from our collection, look for the "Size Guide" link. The Size Guide is unique per breech, so make sure you find your size.

It's easy to remember your favourite style

On each pair of breeches you can remember your fit by...

  • A unique color on the hang tag that gives a reference to each spesific model on the backside, including a small fitting guide.
  • The Kingsland logo, woven on the inside elastic waist band, in the unique color reference for each fitting.
  • Including a delicate exclusive band, with reference to the actual fitting color, attached on the middle belt strap on the back

All this so you don't have to remember a number or a name, when you wish to purchase your next pair of Breeches from the concept, -simply one color!

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