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High performance

Fabrics from Schoeller

We are proud to introduce Schoeller as our top quality supplier. Schoeller provide the most preferred fabric for equestrian breeches all over the world, loved by all riders at any level. The reason for this is the high-quality functional advantages. This unique bi elastic fabric is breathable, quick dry, hard wearing shape retentive and has a high level of comfort. The Schoeller Prestige fabric does also give a soft, skin-friendly and comfortable inside. The technical functionality of the fabric makes it excellent for all riders and offers the highest durability year-round.


Techical Micro
Our most used quality. A highly functional stretch quality that gives you a “great movement”. If the fabric is stretch, it also gives you a great grip in the saddle, making it ideal for riders. High content of “PA ” makes the colour fastness very good.

Micro Cotton Twill
A quality that have become very popular. A higher content of cotton,that makes it very comfortable to wear. This highly functional quality also gives you a very good grip in the saddle, and gives a generous freedom of movements.

Micro Cotton Twill Jeans
This quality is only available in “jeans color”, and it is a well known quality among riders. This quality is very soft and comfortable to wear due to the high quantety of cotton. This quality will also give a great grip in the saddle.
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